Drønen Havfiske

Caiano owns about 20 % of the company Drønen Havfiske AS from Austevoll. This company owns and operates the combined seiner/trawler “Storeknut”.

Drønen Havfiske also owns the company Haugagut AS,  now building a modern  seiner/trawler at Karstensens Skipsværft in Skagen. During the building period , Storeknut will be fishing the quotas belonging to this new vessel. The new vessel is expected to be delivered in April/May 2015.

The company is doing a combined trawl- and seining fishery,  the trawl fishery is mostly after blue whiting west of Ireland.  Fishery for herring, mackerel  and capelin is made with purse seine.

Other shareholders are families related to Haugagut (Østervold) and Storeknut (Drønen).

Available properties

Bankbygget Helganesveien 41 Zahlahuset