Caiano Eiendom`s business comprises the development, management and leasing of new and established buildings, as well as development of new building and housing projects.

Caiano Eiendom is one of the biggest property managers in the Haugalandet area with a total property portfolio of more than 90,000 square metres. Caiano Eiendom owns about 50,000 square metres and in addition manages about 40,000 square metres in partly owned companies. Most of the property portfolio is situated in Haugesund city centre. However, the Company also owns business properties in Karmøy and Bømlo. The hotels Saga and Maritim still account for the largest part of Caiano Eiendom`s property portfolio.
In addition to solid equity, Caiano Eiendom today has two strategically located properties in Haugesund city centre, which is planned for development in the longer term. In 2016 “Haugartanken” was bought. This is a property located north of “Bankbygget”, which is also part of the company portfolio. Looking at these two properties collectively, Caiano Eiendom has the opportunity to offer larger office spaces in the city centre.
Over the last years the biggest new building projects has been done by partly owned subsidiaries, where Caiano Eiendom is managing the projects. The office builing at Garpeskjær and Helsehuset in Haugesund city centre are examples of this. The entire office building at Garpeskjær is leased to Aibel AS and is their main office in Haugesund.
The property portfolio is 11,900 square metres in total, in addition to a parking house with room for 300 cars. Helsehuset was completed fall 2015 and has contributed positively to the townscape. The building is 10,500 square metres divided into 7 levels, and parking. The building houses different services related to health and 2 levels of assisted living apartments. From March 2017 the building is fully let out.
In 2016, Caiano Eiendom also entered Bokn Eiendomsutvikling AS. The Company has 2 buildings in Føresvik in Bokn and a building in Raglamyr. Further, the Company is involved in a project looking into the opportunity to establish a building site using excavation residues from the Rogfast project.
Caiano Eiendom has a deliberate strategy related to continuous maintenance and upgrading of the buildings. This ensures the property value and over time the total costs are lower than total renovation. This is reflected in for example significant upgrades of the hotels, to ensure they at all times maintain high standard.