Sjøvik AS

Through its acquisition of 34 per cent of the shares in the fishery company Sjøvik AS in 2006, Caiano made it clear that it wiches to increase its involvement in the fishery sector. Sjøvik is a family company with long traditions. The main office is in Midsund outside Molde, and the company has been engaged in fisheries since 1922.

Today, Sjøvik is engaged in both traditional ocean fishing and fish trading. The company has the managing and operating responsibility of a Russian registered factory trawler, in which the company also has ownership interests.

The traditional fishing group is involved in a major project off the coast of West Africa/Marocco. A purse seiner has been converted into a modern ocean trawler with large freezing capacity. The goal for the project is to manage two fishing ships and to establish a modern processing plant for pelagic fish. The ships are fishing sardines, mackerel and horse-mackerel.

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