Qubus Holding

Qubus Holding AS is the parent company of the Qubus hotel chain in Poland (the Qubus chain).

The Qubus chain, which was founded in 1997, currently runs 14 hotels, most of them in the south-western part of Poland. 11 of the hotel buildings are owned by the company, the rest are leased.  The hotels has a total capacity of 1.464 rooms. Roughly half of the hotels are new buildings, while the rest are older buildings that have been renovated.

The Qubus chain’s goal is to turn Qubus Hotel into one of Poland’s leading hotel chains. As one of the first hotel chains in Poland, all Qubus hotels were certified in accordance with ISO 9001 in 2005. A considerable improvement is expected in the group’s financial performance in the next few years. The market for hotel services shows a positive development, even if the financial crisis has had a rather negative influence on the demand the last years. The hotels have capacity to cover the expected increase in demand.

The hotel chain’s total occupancy rate was 51 % in 2012. Polish membership of EU from 2004 has resulted in stable economic growth. The infrastructure is growing better, and more and more foreign investors are doing investments in Poland. Therefore, the Qubus chain has the possibility to a rather large growth within the existing capacity.

Qubus Hotel