The Group

Kristian Eidesvik is the founder of the Company.

The Company started its journey over 50 years ago when Kristian in 1965, together with his brother Lauritz, invested in the fishing boat “Bømmeløy”.
Kristian and Lauritz wanted to create something. Through hard work and vitality, the investments in the fishing industry grew, and expanded into increasing investments in shipping, offshore related business, property management, and small-scale industry.
Later came investments in Hotel Saga and Hotel Maritim in Haugesund.
In 1997, the Company was divided between Kristian and Lauritz based on the values in the Company and the business areas each of them had focused on. Lauritz got the offshore company, while Kristian got properties, the shipping company Paal Wilson, fishing activities and various financial investments.
To separate the businesses of the two Eidesvik brothers and to create a distinct identity of Kristian’s business, it became clear that a renaming of the Group was necessary. The same year Kristian bought the vineyard Caiano, located in the well-known district Tuscany in Italy. Consequently, Caiano became the collective name of the fully owned subsidiaries in the Group. Haugesund was chosen as location for the main office.
Caiano has always focused on long-term commitment, hard work, sincerity, and trust. Caiano’s vision is that the Group is always to be trusted. This is reflected in the Group’s investments, which are made with frankness and long-term perspective. Therefore, Caiano runs and manage most of the investments itself.
Entering 2016, Kristian stepped down as the Group’s CEO. Now the next generation, by his sons Eivind and Bernt, steer the ship safely through the waves of the next 50 years.

Available properties

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