Green Reefers Group / Green Shipping

The Caiano Shipping Group has per the turn of the year a fleet consisting of 28 specialised reefers that mainly transport fish, fruit, vegetables, and meat worldwide.

Caiano Shipping was founded 18th of May 2012, and on the same day Caiano Shipping acquired all shipowning companies and a management company from Green Reefers ASA. Caiano Shipping is today the parent company of the well-known Green Reefers Group, which delivers logistic services in the international reefer market. The head office of Caiano Shipping is located in Bergen and has the managing responsibility of the shipowning subsidiaries Caiano Shipping II, Green Shipping AS, Green Shipowning, Green Shipping 3, and the management company Green Management AS, which is responsible for the technical operation of the vessels.
The Group delivers tonnage in the form of specialised reefer ships to the international transport market. The Group offers direct sailings from port of loading to port of discharge, avoiding reloading hubs and securing minimum transit time.
For further information on Green Reefers, please see the Company`s website