Caiano Fisk owns 34% of the shares of Sjøvik AS, a traditional family company from Midsund outside Molde.

The Company has traditions in fishing since 1922. Sjøvik is and has been engaged in traditional fishing, both nationally and internationally. In June 2016, the Company sold its share in a Russian fishing company, Karelian Seafoods JSC, operating a factory trawler in the Barents Sea. This company has historically delivered good results for the Sjøvik Group. When Sjøvik was offered a good price for the shares of the Russian company, the decision to sell was made. The sale contributed to a historically good result in 2016 for Sjøvik.
The Company also has interests in the fish company Sjøvik Marokko SA. This company owns and operates a fish factory in Dakhla and a trawler, “Midøy Dakhla I”, fishing for mackerel, horse mackerel, sardines and sardinella.

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