Caiano Terminals owns 53.3 % of the holding company Euro-Terminal AS, which through two polish subsidiaries owns and operates Euro-Terminal. Euro-Terminal is a large port north-west in Poland.

The port area of Swinoujscie is located at the mouth of the river Odra, which is the main artery for inland waterway traffic and has a proximity to the industrial heartland of Poland and the eastern part of Germany. The area is developed to handle and store different types of cargoes, in addition to lease of land. The land area is 56 hectare and consists amongst others of a total quay length of about 2,200 metres, where the depth varies from 6.3 metres to 9.5 metres. The terminal is a major centre for refrigerated cargo, particularly frozen fish products (3 cold stores with refrigerated storage for 24,000 pallets in mobile racks, and 6,500 in bulk). In 2016, over 400,000 tonnes of different types of cargo was loaded/unloaded at Euro-Terminal.
The main operators in Euro-Terminal are customers within frozen fish, dry cargoes and project cargoes,in addition to lease of land. The terminal has a stable customer Group.

For further information about Euro-Terminal, see the company`s website: Euro-Terminal home page

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