Wilson is one of Europe`s leading shipowning companies within the short sea bulk segment. Wilson ASA is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange Benchmark Index.

For more than 70 years, Wilson has offered an effective and flexible transport service at sea. The Shipping Company`s strength is in the ability to combine various contracts of affreightment in order to provide Norwegian and European industrial customers with competitive offers. Over the years, Wilson has developed a close and good cooperation with the large operators in Norwegian and European industry.
Wilson purchases all management services from the subsidiaries Wilson Management AS and Wilson Ship Management AS. At the turn of the year, the Company employed just over 1600 persons, of which just less than 1500 seafarers.
Wilson`s business concept is to offer Norwegian and European Industry competitive, reliable, flexible and long-term transport services at sea. Through large volumes and long-term contracts, Wilson is able to optimise its sailing pattern and over time ensure persisting and stable revenues.
For further information about Wilson, please see the Company`s website www.wilsonship.no

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