About us

Caiano is the parent company of several companies in shipping, fisheries, port terminals, real estate, hotels and financial investments. We also invest in both listed and private companies. Our focus is on long term commitment, hard work, openness and trust.

Caiano started its journey over 50 years ago when founder Kristian Eidesvik in 1965, together with his brother Lauritz Eidesvik, invested in the fishing vessel “Bømmeløy”.

Kristian and Lauritz wanted to create business. Through hard work and vitality, their investments in the fishing industry grew and expanded into increasing investments in shipping, offshore related business, real estate, hotels and local small-scale industry.

In 1997, the company was divided between Kristian and Lauritz. Lauritz named his company Eidesvik Offshore. Kristian Eidesvik named his company Caiano.

Caiano is owned by Kristian Eidesvik and his children, and is led by Eivind and Bernt Eidesvik.