The largest part of Caiano’s current investments is related to shipping.

Caiano is the main shareholder in Wilson ASA. Green Shipping AS and its subsidiaries are fully owned by Caiano.

Green Shipping
Green Shipping delivers logistic services in the international reefer market.

The company owns and operates a fleet of approximately 15 specialised reefer vessels. The vessels mainly transport fish, fruit, vegetables, and meat worldwide.

The vessels operate in GreenSea Pool, which operates a fleet of in total about 30 vessels. GreenSea is the biggest operator within its segment.

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Wilson is one of Europes leading operators within the short sea bulk segment, with a fleet of approximately 130 vessels....

Most of the ships are fully owned by Wilson. Wilsons business concept is to offer Norwegian and European industries competitive, reliable, flexible, sustainable, efficient and long-term transport services at sea. Through large volumes and long-term contracts, the company can optimise its sailing pattern and over time ensure persisting and stable revenues.

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